“Chief of Thieves” now available in German: “Hauptling der Diebe”

Chief of Thieves, my sequel to Where They Bury You, is now available from Edition Barenklau on Amazon as Hauptling der Diebe: 


My friend Manfred Quintus, from my father and grandparents’ hometown of Konz, Germany, has done his usual excellent job of translating the Western historical fiction novel into German. His earlier work included his translation of the predecessor novel into German, Wo Man Dich Begrabt. Both novels have been the recipients of literary awards.

For those of you with German friends and a need for gift ideas, there are many German holidays coming up! No waiting on Amazon!

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6 thoughts on ““Chief of Thieves” now available in German: “Hauptling der Diebe”

  1. kathlenecarney

    Wonderful, congratulations Steven! Or should I say glückwünsche! 🙂

  2. can you even SAY gluckwunsche? i can’t! 😉

  3. Temple William

    As my Austrian basketball team-mates would say with my moves to the basket. . .”Sauber” which literally means “clean” (I think) but was used to indicate an exclamation point. So. . .sauber! Unfortunately all my family connections either speak old Elizabethian English there in costal Carolina around Beaufort, nc or mandarin. Will need to have your books translated into these languages.


    William C. Temple 1882 Monarch Circle Loveland, CO 80538 970-667-9064 970-391-0650 (c) biltemple2@gmail.com “Be kind for everyone you meet is in a great battle” Philo of Alexandria


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