Coming to Charlotte at a book store near you!

Hi there,

Did you know that, contrary to Hollywood depictions, roughly 25% of cowboys were black?
That many of our most famous historical events, such as Paul Revere’s ride, didn’t happen quite like they’re taught to us? That, in fact, many American historical figures we regard as heroes were, in actuality villains, or at least scoundrels (hint: re-read previous sentence!).
These are just some of the fascinating historical revelations I found while researching my latest novel, Chief of Thieves.
As it is a sequel to my first novel, it is set in the Old West. Chief of Thieves is based on the continuing true story of 19th century con artists who stole millions of today’s dollars and, ultimately, some of the fictional characters met their fates at the Battle of Little Bighorn. It’s the followup to my first novel Where They Bury You, recipient of the Best Western of 2014 National Indie Excellence Award.

I’ll be discussing my research and reading from Chief of Thieves in Charlotte on Thursday, February 11 at 7:00 p.m. If you’re in the area, come on by Park Road Books, 4139 Park Road in the Park Road shopping center.

Hopefully see you there!
Steve Kohlhagen
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