Historical Novel Society reviews “Chief of Thieves”

Finally! Somebody gives Auggy the Bear the credit he deserves in Chief of Thieves.

The Historical Novel Society reviews the book HERE.

And, oh yes, they do say “This book is an exciting, well-written saga of the Plains Indians War…(with) enough drama and action to compel readers to turn the pages. I highly recommend (it).”

And then, of course, there is Auggy the Bear!

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One thought on “Historical Novel Society reviews “Chief of Thieves”

  1. Temple William

    Great getting these tid-bits on your book. My own copy finally made it a couple of days ago (they must have had to print another million!). Hope you and Sam had a good chat yesterday. He did e-mail me wanting to connect so when he makes it to Boulder later this month we’ll make it happen. Sorry about Dickerson being out for probably the rest of the season.


    William C. Temple 1882 Monarch Circle Loveland, CO 80538 970-667-9064 970-391-0650 (c)


    “Be kind for everyone you meet is in a great battle” Philo of Alexandria

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