Chief of Thieves Has Arrived

Chief of Thieves is now published. It is the sequel to Where They Bury You.  If you liked Where They Bury You I’m told this sequel is better. If you missed the first one, you’re now officially falling behind, but in luck, as you can now get both.

Chief of Thieves picks up with Lily and Auggy where we left them in August of 1863. It follows them in Lily’s search for her ranch, first in Oregon, then Wyoming, and climaxing in June 1876 at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

The product of months of enjoyable research and months of loving writing is now available to you merely with the one second touch of your index finger at Barnes & Noble and Amazon (except Amazon is fixing a temporary glitch).

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One thought on “Chief of Thieves Has Arrived

  1. Kathlene Carney

    This looks REALLY nice! It’s the ideal post, colorful and brief.


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